Launch: 2013

Origin: Cognac, France

Established: House established in 1889

Markets: USA, UK, Ghana, China

Blackleaf Premium Organic Vodka

Blackleaf Vodka is a marriage between premium and organic. Carefully crafted in the heart of the acclaimed Cognac region of France we are proud to be the first French organic vodka on the market. Our 5 stage copper pot artisanal distillation produces a vodka that is not only smooth but full of character.

Untouched by pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, our wheat remains organic from the moment it is planted until harvested.


Blackleaf received the “Gold Medal” with “92 points” and special mention “Exceptional” by the International Review of Spirits.


The Blackleaf bottle is made with less glass, making it lighter and decorated with organic ink to ensure it is eco-friendly.